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What's your fantasy "geek" tech accessory?
I fail at keeping up my plan of writing every day. But anyway. I don't know what my ideal tech accessory would be. I already love my new laptop (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and my iPod and my cell phone. And the combination of all three of these is already on the market. So I don't know.

Writer's Block: Theme Dining

If you were to open your own theme restaurant, what would the theme be and how would you express it to the customers?
I would have a sex themed restaurant, and hire ridiculously looking boys and girls to be the waiters. They would wait tables, and then go-go dance. And then there would be lots of dirty pictures on the wall, and all kinds of weird sexual things all over the restaurant.
Just kidding. That'd be pretty gross and over the top.
I don't know. I never really thought about opening a restaurant. I watch too much of Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares and therefore know how difficult it would be to run one. Well, maybe not know, but I get the point. I suppose if I was to open one, it would have a very simple, laid-back California theme. Probably have pictures of the Bay Bridge, and the Oakland Hills, and other parts of the Bay Area that I enjoy. I imagine the walls would be either beige or blue, to either look like the sand or the water, I don't know. And the food would be a mix of American and Meditterean.

Writer's Block: Confidence Booster

What do you wear to feel confident?
I love the Victoria's Secret themed Writer's Blocks. They really are quite fun to answer.
I remember once I took  a quiz about "What kind of bra are you?" or something to that effect. It told me that I'm the classic black bra. And ever since then, I've always loved wearing sleek black bras, even though I don't currently own any at the moment. (I recently went through and tossed a lot of my underwear due to the discovery that my boobs grew)
I also really enjoy skinny jeans and heels. Those two are instant confidence boosters. A flowing shirt/dress, leggings, and boots also have the same effect. Confidence comes from the fact that these sorts of outfits flatter my body type by making me appear taller and leaner.

Writer's Block: I Love My Body Because…

Why do you love your body?
I love aspects of my body. It's not perfect, and I'm still not extremely comfortable with it, but it's all due to small reasons, really. I wish I was more muscular (I always cite Britney Spears' body in I'm A Slave 4 U as what I ideally want to look like), and I feel like I have to Nair more frequently than most girls, but otherwise I love the skin I'm in. I love that I'm black, and that my skin is this nice brown. I love my eyes. I love that I'm petite. I love that my feet and hands are dainty. I love that while I'm small, I still have curves. I love that I look more like an underwear model than one you'd find in a D&G ad.

I'm Trying a New Thing

Ever since I got into tumblr, I've always wanted to come back to my Livejournal account. I used to be so active on this website, but with the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, I kind of fell away from LJ. But this was always my original blogging spot, the one place I was able to retreat to when I was lonely, or angry, or whatever. So, now I am going to make an effort to do the following things:
  • Update my LJ frequently
  • Comment on fanfics that I enjoy
  • Possibly become reinvolved in some of the band communities I have abandoned
I feel like all of these are completely reasonable, and it will help me maintain my AP English writing skills, to some extent. I would also love to start writing fanfiction again, but I honestly don't know if I can. I haven't written a short story in three years, and haven't attempted a chaptered one in nearly as long, and the last real fanfiction I wrote was when I was eleven (I don't even want to think how awful it was). Nor do I know what fandom the story would be in. But I get really inspired by other people's writings, and want to inspire others. I don't know. It will work itself out, I suppose.

Made A Greatest Journal

Okay, so I made a back-up account over at Greatest Journal in case things truly go to hell over here. I'll still keep this one as a journal and because of all the Fall Out Boy related news which I get from here but if you want to add me over at Greatest Journal or whatever, now you can.